Indian Man Declares Himself As King Of An Unclaimed Strip Of Land Near Egypt.

How would you feel if someone gives you the opportunity to be the king or the queen of a particular area? Even if it’s a strip of land, it would still feel pretty cool, right? Hell, it’s a childhood dream of most of us.

However, majority of us have accepted the fact that this dream is most likely to remain unfulfilled.

But as it turns out, one of us didn’t give up on this rather far-fetched dream and achieved something that most of us could never even think of. An Indian man, Suyash Dixit just became the king of a strip of land that falls between Egypt and Sudan. Well, he declared himself as the king but rightfully so.

Perplexed? Here is a clearer picture of how exactly he managed to pull this feat.

So, the strip of land that Suyash has declared himself to be the king of is in reality an unclaimed area i.e. it belongs to no country. The area is called Bir Tawil and is on the South of Egypt’s border and the North of Sudan’s border.

Now, the problem arises because Egypt follows the 1899 border set by the British administration at the time of its colonization however, Sudan follows the 1902 border as its official border. Henceforth, both the countries think that this strip of land belongs to the other country and so, it is an unclaimed piece of land.


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