Beyonce nipped into Target for a few bits and Twitter went into meltdown.

Beyoncé, the highest-paid woman in the music industry, a 20-time Grammy winning artist, and one of the most beloved artists living right now, was spotted in a Target, of all places, on Thursday night. The Target store in San Clemente, California was graced not only with Beyoncé’s presence but also her mom, Tina, and Bey’s oldest daughter, Blue Ivy (who can be seen in one of the photos with her back to the camera riding in the shopping cart, because who hasn’t done that while accompanying their mom on a long shopping trip?)

Some shoppers caught Bey browsing the toy aisles and walking past some children’s bikes too. Their family did grow by two this year and with the holiday season coming up, it’s no wonder that the family is looking for toys. But it is pretty cool to see the Queen Bey herself picking out toys rather than just shopping online or having an assistant do it.


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