It’s so cold in Florida, stunned iguanas are falling from trees.

CBS News reports residents in the Miami area of Florida are finding iguanas on the ground following colder temperatures creeping into the region.

However, experts say this does not mean the iguanas are dead.

“Don’t assume that they’re dead,” Kristen Sommers tells CBS, who oversees the nonnative fish and wildlife program for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

According to Sommers, iguanas, who are already cold-blooded animals, usually freeze up and stop moving when temperatures get lower than 40 degrees. Professionals say iguanas are not the only creatures that suffer from this rare occasion. They say sea turtles react the same and then begin moving again when warmed up.

Sommers says her team’s goal is to use the rare weather to do some research on the creatures.

“This provides an opportunity to capture some, but I’m not sure it’s going to be cold enough or long enough to make enough of a difference,” she said. “In most cases, they’re going to warm back up and move around again, unless they’re euthanized.”


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