Iowa boys ‘kill half a million bees’ (Police)
Iowa boys ‘kill half a million bees’ (Police)

2 boys are facing felony charges after vandalism at an Iowa honey farm killed 500,000 bees, according to police.

The damage to 50 beehives at the Wild Hill Honey farm in Sioux City, Iowa, resulted in the bees freezing to death.

The youngsters, aged 12 and 13, have been charged with three offences following the alleged incident in December.

Wild Hill Honey’s owners branded the crime “completely senseless” and said damages amounted to $60,000, or £43,400.

Co-owner Justin Engelhardt told the Sioux City Journal: “They knocked over every single hive, killing all the bees. They wiped us out completely.”

The story gained national and international attention following the incident on December 28.

Police tracked down the suspects with the help of tip-offs from members of the public.


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