A woman got a shorter prison sentence because she agreed to be sterilised.

Summer Thyme Creel, 34, had been facing significant time behind bars after pleading guilty to using a $202.22 (£146) counterfeit cheque at a Walmart in Moore, Oklahoma, in 2014.

But when judge Stephen Friot noticed the drug addict had given up six of her seven children he thought there might be a chance to do some good.

He suggested she get sterilised in a June order, adding: ‘Comparing the dates of Ms Creel’s periods of habitual use of crack cocaine and methamphetamine… with the dates of birth of her seven children, it appears highly likely that some of Ms Creel’s children were conceived, carried and born while Ms Creel was a habitual user of these illicit substances.’

She agreed to having surgery to prevent pregnancies and was eventually sentenced to a year in federal prison and three years on supervised release.

She was also told to pay more than $15,200 in restitution.

Creel apologised for the mistakes she had made following her sentencing.

The judge could have given her a maximum of ten years in prison.


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