Dayanna Volitich, Fla. School Teacher who Hosted White Supremacist Podcast Resigns.

Dayanna Volitich, the Crystal River Middle School social studies teacher accused of making racist remarks on a podcast she hosted, has tendered a letter of resignation to the Citrus County School District, according to assistant superintendent Michael Mullen.

The Citrus County School Board will decide whether to accept Volitich’s resignation at its April 10 meeting. The investigation into her conduct is ongoing.

Volitich, 25, was removed from from the classroom and suspended March 2, 2018, after the district was notified about the content of a podcast she was hosting under the name Tiana Dalichov. In episodes of the podcast, Volitich agrees with statements made by her guests that called into question her suitability as a teacher, including that individuals’ “base behaviors” are “genetically ingrained.”

In one episode, her guest Brian Hendrix opines: “I don’t like racists either, even though probably in the most technical sense of the word you could probably say I’m racist because I do believe that some races of people are inferior and superior — in certain ways. I would never say black people are, you know, crap people, they’re inferior at everything, but there are certain things certain races can do better. Asians are way better at math in the aggregate than white people … and white people build cultures better than Asian people or black people … and we can view it all throughout history.”

To this Volitich responds: “I think I would align myself similarly to your sentiment there. Like, I would pretty much say, yeah, OK, if believing that certain races specialize in certain things makes me racist then I guess that’s what I am, because I do share your sentiment there. Everything you’ve said, like, meshes perfectly with what, you know, I’m kind of thinking on the inside here.”


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