Michigan muslim woman viciously attacked in hospital.

A 19-year-old Muslim woman waiting to check in to a Michigan hospital was viciously attacked from behind and sucker-punched.

The woman, who was at the hospital because she thought she may have broken her jaw in a fall on the ice earlier in the day, said she was the only person wearing a head scarf and is not sure if that is why he attacked her.

Majed Moughni, the victim’s attorney, told WDIV-TV, “She never saw it coming.”

Police say the attacker is John Deliz, who had been discharged from the hospital that day. Security told police he accosted other patients asking for cigarettes and attempted to wander down hallways.

Security told Deliz if he was going to wait in the lobby for a ride he had to sit down and leave other patients alone. That’s when the video shows the teen at the counter and Deliz attacking her.

The victim is suing Beaumont Dearborn Hospital saying she will have emotional distress for years to come. The victim and her attorney also allege the attack may have been religiously motivated.

Beaumont Dearborn issued the following statement in response to the attack:

“On Feb. 10, a patient in the Beaumont, Dearborn Emergency Center became physically aggressive with another patient in the waiting room. Beaumont security personnel responded immediately and took action to protect the patient and others in the emergency room. Dearborn Police were contacted and Beaumont staff cooperated fully in the investigation. We take pride in our service to this diverse community and want all patients to feel welcome at Beaumont.”


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