Joe Kirk, beagle – A picture of a 2-year-old beagle “Gregory” riding with his rescuer, Joe Kirk, has gone viral.

Gregory was just two days from being euthanized following his diagnosis of heartworm. He was brought to Franklin County Dog Shelter after being found as a stray, but placed on the list to be put down because of his condition. But this is precisely the sort of creature for which Joe and his wife founded the Hound Rescue and Sanctuary.

Joe made the two hour drive, and was on his way home when his wife Schenley posted this adorable picture with the visibly grateful puppy on “The BEST Freedom Ride Picture EVER!” The Kirks say that Gregory “will be going through treatment” for his heartworm, “but he knows he is in good hands.” They intend to “get him healthy and provide him all the love he so deserves and a wonderful future.”

“This is what makes it all worthwhile,” Schenley concluded in the caption. “This is why we Rescue!”


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