Rob Pitts son gets escort to school, May 14 is a day that one little Indiana boy will never forget.

Dakota Pitts recently lost his father, Terre Haute Officer Rob Pitts, in the line of duty.

On his first day back to school, the 5-year-old did not want to show up alone. He asked his mom if he could have an escort, but he didn’t expect so many to appear.

More than 50 Terre Haute officers and some family members appeared without any hesitation.

“It’s a brotherhood; it’s not like any other job you’re going to have,” Det. Les Hamm explained. “Guys are close, you form bonds that you wouldn’t form in a different profession. When somebody’s in need, we go, especially for a fallen officer and his kid.”

“Having that many people here to support him, I know that he will remember that probably forever. So it was very important,” Principal Samantha Phegley added.


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