Donut Boy, Iowa police: It’s not everyday you see a 10-year-old make such a big effort to show compassion to police. But Madison police officers were in for a treat on Tuesday.

10-year-old Tyler Carach, also known as “Donut Boy”, stopped by to pass out donuts to each officer.

Tyler’s mission to give donuts to police officers began when he asked his mom if he could get his local officers a box of mini donuts. Tyler used his own allowance to start the program.

“When I bought them the mini donuts and gave them to them, they were really happy,” said Tyler. “When we were leaving I asked my mom why they were so happy over a snack, and she said it wasn’t because of the snack, it was because you took the time to say thank you.”

To date, Tyler has handed out more than 65,000 donuts in more than 31 states.


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