Russia showers pairs water: Samara residents asked to shower in pairs.

While Russia have been nothing short of perfect hosts at the World Cup so far, the hospitality of the residents in host city Samara is about to get tested to the limit.

This is because the local authorities are asking people to shower in pairs for the remainder of the tournament to help ease the strain on the city’s water supply.

According to The Moscow Times, the influx of World Cup fans, coupled with a summer heatwave in central and southern Russia has seen the water pressure drop over the past few days.

“Thousands of the city’s visitors, who also consume water, are contributing to the increase,” the utility company, Samarskiye Kommunalniye Systemy, wrote in a press release.

They did however offer a solution by telling customers to “save water, take showers in pairs” before ending the message with a smiley face emoji.

Here’s hoping things don’t dry up entirely before England arrive in town to face Sweden in the quarterfinals on Saturday.


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