America’s Got Talent trapeze act: Duo Transcend trapeze act goes wrong.

Afraid of heights or fire? Then you’ll probably be as scared as you are mesmerized by the trapeze act from Tuesday night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent.”

Duo Transcend, a married acrobat couple from Utah, had the judges alternately covering their faces in fear and unable to look away.

It was all going pretty well until Tyce attempted to catch wife Mary while hanging upside down blindfolded. He missed grabbing her ankle and she went careening toward the floor – headfirst. The judges – including guest panelist Ken Jeong – and audience screamed and hid their faces.

“Is she OK?” Howie Mandel asked. Thankfully, she was. (The cameras avoided showing the mat underneath until Mary popped up smiling and asked to try the blindfold trick again.

“Nooooo!” cried Mel B.

“It’s OK,” Jeong protested, afraid he might have to fall back on his earlier career as a doctor if they tried it again.

Simon Cowell was sympathetic, noting, “I don’t think there’s ever been a singer on any of our competitions who’s been note-perfect. It still doesn’t make them not amazing. It makes them human. And the consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you nearly broke your neck. And the fact that you’re nearly blind makes this incredible.”

Mandel chimed in, “You almost got hurt very badly and your first thought was, ‘Let me do that again’ and only on ‘America’s Got Talent’ does that happen.”

And it may happen again: Duo Transcend made it through to the live shows.


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