Deer hugs firefighter: Adorable embrace between young deer.

Everyone loves BC Wildfire fighters for putting themselves on the front lines, protecting the homes and livelihoods of residents across the province.

However, not all BC residents get to share a warm embrace quite like the one between this young deer and firefighter Jan Giesbrecht.

In a Facebook post this week, Giesbrecht shared a photo of herself giving a deer a hug on the Francois Lake ferry, near Burns Lake, BC.

“On the ferry from southside this morning,” wrote Giesbrecht.

The photo has now gone viral, being shared over, 2,200 times at the time of publication.

Despite its online popularity, the photo may not even be the most adorable interaction between wildfire fighters and animals this summer.

On August 19, a group of BC firefighters were heading back from fighting a blaze in Kamloops when they found five lost puppies on the road.

All in a days work for BC firefighters!


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