Bernie Sanders was a hero on Wednesday when the U.S. senator from Vermont rescued 26-year-old law student Amy Currotto from zooming cars on a busy street Capitol Hill.

Currotto said she was distracted when she stepped straight into oncoming traffic at a busy D.C. intersection, Business Insider reported.

Sanders just happened to be walking behind her and, when he saw Currotto crossing the intersection, he began to shout at her to get her attention.

“I did not immediately get off the street, even though there was a ton of oncoming traffic, because I was in awe to see him,” Currotto said. “He tried to continue to bring me onto the sidewalk and was like, ‘Ma’am, you’ve got to get off of the street, you’ve got to get off of the street!’”

Currotto told Vice she was embarrassed for not immediately responding to Sanders’ calls but it was because she was “stunned” to see him.

It turns out Currotto is a fan of Sanders and, having previously worked as an intern on the Hill in the House of Representatives, was disappointed to have not bumped into him sooner.

After Sanders coaxed Currotto to safety, she jumped at the opportunity to grab a selfie with him.

In a Facebook post, Currotto joked that Sanders was much taller than her, which made for an awkward picture.

After they snapped the photo, Currotto said, Sanders “ran off toward the Senate as a crowd of people began to form,” according to Vice. “It was crazy.”

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