A near-perfect rectangular iceberg in Antarctica photographed by NASA final week has social media buzzing.

The block of ice, with its sharp angles and flat floor, seems extra like a man-made construction than a pure phenomenon, however it’s because it was “most likely lately calved from the ice shelf,” NASA ICE said on Twitter.

Kelly Brunt, an ice scientist with NASA told LiveScience that some of these icebergs have been pretty widespread.

“So, this is the deal. We get two varieties of icebergs,” she mentioned. “We get the sort that everybody can envision of their head that sank the Titanic, they usually seem like prisms or triangles on the floor and you understand they’ve a loopy subsurface. After which you could have what are known as ‘tabular icebergs.””

These icebergs, that are huge, flat and lengthy, cut up from the sides of huge blocks of floating ice related to land, known as ice cabinets.

“What makes this one a bit uncommon is that it seems nearly like a sq.,” Brunt mentioned.

The explanation its edges are so symmetrical is as a result of it has not been eroded by wind and water but, indicating that it’s nonetheless comparatively contemporary, she added.

The picture captured by NASA was for its Operation IceBridge, which research the annual modifications if sea ice, glaciers and ice sheers, The New York Daily News noted.

The picture on Twitter drew over 4,000 retweets and several other thousand likes.

“Earth is adopting the brand new grid layouts present in app improvement,” one Twitter consumer joked, whereas one other in contrast it to tofu.

Others poked enjoyable at flat earth theorists and joked about aliens dropping the iceberg into the ocean.

Source: Newsmax.com


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