Jim Acosta case: White House defends revoking CNN man’s access.

The White House has filed a memo opposing CNN’s suit against the Trump administration, saying no journalist has a constitutional right to access.

It states the president and his staff have “absolute discretion” over journalist access and interviews.

Their memo comes on the same day numerous other media organisations – including Fox News – announced their support for the broadcaster.

CNN’s Jim Acosta lost his access after a fiery exchange with President Trump.

A White House intern tried to take the microphone from Mr Acosta as he tried to ask the president another question.

His pass was revoked shortly afterwards, with press secretary Sarah Sanders claiming it was because the correspondent “put his hands on” the intern.

CNN filed suit against the president and several of his aides. A hearing is scheduled in Washington DC at 15:30 local time (22:30 GMT) on Wednesday.

In opposition to CNN’s lawsuit, the memo argues: “No journalist has a First Amendment right to enter the White House.”

It also says Mr Acosta got notice of the reason for his pass’s revocation on the day and afterwards. The reason given for taking away access was “disrupting press proceedings”, the memo states.

News of the filing comes on the same day a number of media organisations – including President Trump’s stated favourite, Fox News – came out in support of the CNN lawsuit, and said they would file briefs backing the network’s case.

Law firm Ballard Spahr released a statement on behalf of about a dozen organisations, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Fox, NBC, the New York Times and Politico.

“Our news organisations support the fundamental constitutional right to question this president, or any president,” the release reads, saying it is “imperative” that journalists can access the presidents and that journalists are not excluded for “arbitrary reasons”.


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