University of Maryland adenovirus 40 cases confirmed, according to the university.

The count of confirmed adenovirus cases at the University of Maryland, College Park had risen to 40 and at least one patient remained hospitalized as of Tuesday, according to the university.

As of Tuesday, 40 students had tested positive for the virus at the University Health Center or by an outside physician, according to information posted on the health center’s website.

There are more than 50 strains of adenoviruses, which can lead to mild symptoms such as common colds, or serious illnesses including intestinal infections and pneumonia. People with compromised immune systems have a greater risk of developing serious complications that can lead to death.

The number of students who have contracted the virus on the College Park campus has risen steadily since early November. A number of students have been hospitalized, and an 18-year-old freshman died from the virus about a month ago.

The university’s fall semester ended earlier this week and the campus is closed for winter break.

To combat the spread of adenovirus and other pathogens, the university plans to have contractors deep-clean frequently touched surfaces in dorms, including disinfecting doorknobs, desks, dressers, counters, light switches, faucets and bed frames, while students are away. The cleaning is scheduled for Jan. 7-18.


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