Baby caught: construction worker putting roof on building next door.

The day after a devastating fire sent three people to the hospital, KOAT is learning about the unsung heroes who sprang into action before firefighters arrived.

KOAT spoke to construction workers who saved a baby and a toddler from the burning building at Courtyard Apartments in Northeast Albuquerque.

Those dramatic moments were are all caught on camera.

The workers were putting a new roof on the building next door to the one that caught fire.

When the fire broke out, they didn’t hesitate.

Now a baby girl and a young boy likely owe them their lives.

Brothers Mason Fierro and Jermaine Gallien said they saw a man screaming for help from a second story window.

“We saw him hanging out of the window with his baby, his two month old baby,” Fierro said.

With every second counting, and with the rest of the crew working to bring their ladders over, Mason called out for the man to drop the baby into his arms

“He dropped her. I caught her. Then they bring out another little boy, two or three years old, then we caught him as well,” Fierro said.

Mason said he couldn’t have done it without his brother and the rest of the crew running over to help him, as well as putting up the ladder to get the parents out safely.

“We had each other’s back, and it was just an all-in thing,” Fierro said.

But no one was more proud than Gallien.

“Just seeing him catch that baby girl and baby boy, it touched me. He stepped up and really became the hero of the day,” Gallien said.

Fierro said they only waited long enough to make sure the family was OK, then they started going door to door to get everyone else out.

While neighbors said Fierro deserves a medal, he said the dad thanked him, and that was enough.

“He might not remember my name or my face, but he knows that somebody helped and that’s all I care about,” Fierro said.

Fierro and Gallien said the crew continued to go door to door alerting people until firefighters arrived.

And while it’s quite possible many others likely owe them their lives, no one is more thankful than the father who may have lost his home, but he didn’t lose his family.


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