Billy Donovan, Sam Presti Reportedly Victims of Death Threat From Fan (Reports).

Authorities are investigating after police said a man made death threats against the Oklahoma City Thunder and their staff after the team traded All-Star Paul George.

A search warrant, which was filed this week, reveals that the man left two voicemails threatening the Thunder’s front office, coaches and general manager Sam Presti.

“Y’all traded Paul George but kept Raymond Felton. You kept Andre Roberson. Do y’all not love Russell Westbrook?” reads a transcript of one of the voicemails. “I hope he kill everybody. I want to kill everybody.”

The man said he’s from Virginia and that he didn’t care if the team reported the call to police, according to court documents. He then insulted head coach Billy Donovan and said that he’d beat everyone who works for the Thunder.

Later in the call, the man used a bomb reference, saying he’d blow things up if he ever went to Oklahoma.

Court documents said the man left a second voicemail about five minutes later. He doubled down on his earlier comments and threatened Presti and his family.

Police have acquired a search warrant to investigate a cellphone and where the call originated.

Thunder officials released a statement saying, “We defer to the authorities and they can handle the situation as they see fit.”


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