Spider-Man hands for devil horns: Nebraska woman attacks local Spider-Man statue.

A resident of Lincoln, Nebraska this week publicly slammed her city for committing a purported “hate crime” against Christianity because she mistook a statue of Spider-Man located at a local zoo for a statue of Satan.

The Lincoln Journal-Star reports that an offended Christian woman wrote an email to Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird demanding that he remove a statue depicting Spider-Man’s hands spinning a web, as she believed the statue depicted devil horns.

“It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns,” the woman complained, before going on to describe the statue as a “hate crime against the church.”

The statue was on display as part of the “Serving Hands Lincoln” public art project, in which several different sculptures depicting different sets of hands have been erected at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

City ombudsman Lin Quenzer sent the woman a response in which she explained that there was nothing diabolical about the sculpture, which was solely intended to depict a beloved Marvel superhero.

Matt Schulte, the director of nonprofit organization Campus Life that is sponsoring the art project, similarly told the woman that there was nothing to fear from having a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the area.

“The sculpture is most definitely not a devil-related sculpture,” he said. “It clearly has a very playful child-like intent.”


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