Bella Thorne is continuing to open up about her sexuality. The actress, who came out as bisexual in 2016, appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, July 22, revealing that she now identifies as pansexual.

“I’m actually a pansexual, and I didn’t know that,” Thorne said. “Somebody explained to me quite thoroughly what that is.”

“You like beings — you like what you like,” she explained when asked what it means to be pansexual. “It doesn’t have to be a girl or a guy, or a he, a she, a they or this or that. It’s literally, you like personality, you just like a being.”

The actress added that it, “doesn’t really matter what’s going on, over there. If I just like it, I like it!”

Thorne had casually used Twitter in August of 2016 to come out as bisexual. After photos of the then 18-year-old surfaced of her kissing a girl, fans flooded social media asking if she identified as bisexual, with Thorne eventually responding to one fan with a “yes.”

In the years since, the actress has continued to open up about her sexuality, and recently spoke with Gay Times about her decision to come out on Twitter and the reactions she received.

“There were a few places on the acting side that were very negative about it,” she said. “There was someone who, right after I came out, cancelled my audition. It’s not like anybody comes up to you and says, ‘Well, you’re gay, so I’m not going to hire you.’ But you can just tell by the way that people act differently around you, the way they treat you differently, the way that they look at you or the way that they tiptoe around certain subjects because they’re walking on eggshells. In this business, that behavior makes it all very obvious.”

Thorne, who at the time still identified as bisexual, also explained that bisexuality is oftentimes misunderstood.

“It seems like no one understands bisexuality at all,” she said. “In this world, it’s like you’re either gay or you’re straight; there’s no in between. If you f— a guy once, you must be gay. Like, what? No. That’s just being fluid.”

“It’s not a gay or straight box… It’s this middle in-between world that nobody can put in a box, which makes them so mad,” she added. “People are so mad that they can’t put it in a box, can’t explain it and can’t see how it works that they hate on it.”

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Initial media reports indicated that Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau were remaining friendly after their sudden split, but now that the internet personality is engaged to Jake Paul, the gloves have come off. Thorne is accusing her 21-year-old former flame of using her for Twitter fame and has taken to social media to let her feelings be known.

The drama between Thorne and Mongeau has been heating up for days, but according to Page Six, it has little to do with Mongeau’s sudden engagement. The problem, apparently, actually involves Mod Sun. Thorne had been in a relationship with both Mod Sun and Mongeau at some point.

According to Pop Buzz, the three celebrities were in a “throuple.” A throuple is essentially a romantic partnership between three people. In April 2019, however, Thorne announced that she had split from Mod Sun. Mongeau and Thorne had ended their partnership back in February 2019.

All seemed well between the exes until Mongeau was allegedly spotted out with Mod Sun, and then Thorne stormed Twitter. Thorne took to the social media platform to call out her ex for “breaking girl code.”

The former couple went back and forth, first with Thorne imploring her ex to answer the phone. The exchange got pretty heated until it ended abruptly. Why the exchange stopped suddenly is unknown, but we doubt a phone call smoothed the entire situation over.

Mongeau was floored by Thorne’s Twitter attack
While Thorne slung dirt all over Twitter, Mongeau seemed utterly confused by the outburst. She took to the social media platform to call out her ex for her poor behavior. She informed the public that she had no idea why Thorne was so heated, and then denied allegations that she dated her for the internet fame.

Thorne and Mangeau dated from September 2017 until February 2019, according to People. The split seemed sudden. The February announcement came just months after they both wrote lovingly on Instagram about each other. They insisted the split was amicable, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

When did Mongeau start seeing Jake Paul?
While Thorne’s sudden outburst seemed to be primarily about Mod Sun, she doesn’t appear to be taking the engagement news well, either. Shortly after the couple announced their impending nuptials, Thorne took to Instagram to share a fresh-faced snapshot. In the photo, Thorne looks like she’s been crying. She captioned the photo “when your ex gets engaged.” She finished off the caption with a ton of crying emojis.

Mongeau and Paul’s relationship is a bit of a mystery. While they’ve seemingly known each other for a few years, they never publicly revealed that they were dating, not until Paul proposed at Mongeau’s 21st birthday bash.

The entire situation went down on June 23, and now they are planning to tie the knot on July 28. The romance has seemingly been a whirlwind. Apparently, however, they are thanking Shane Dawson for their partnership.


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