President Donald J. Trump made a surprise appearance at a wedding reception in Bedminster on Saturday night, receiving chants of “USA! USA” from the bride, groom and guests, according to CNN….

The groom, P.J. Mongelli, said that he had sent multiple invitations to Trump asking him to greet guests at the reception, but did not think he would actually come to the wedding.

“It was a complete and utter surprise,” Mongelli said to CNN.

Donning a dark suit and no tie, a video from social media showed Trump first arriving during the cocktail hour to meet the bride, Nicole Marie, and others. According to the video, Trump gestured for the Staten Island couple to stand on either side of him, which was when they began pumping their fists and chanting “USA! USA!”

“He was such a gentleman,” Mongelli said. “He was aces.”

Mongelli and his wife, as well as the majority of the guests, were Trump supporters. Nearly two years ago, the newlyweds got engaged at the Trump National Golf Club, Mongelli told CNN.

Trump stayed in Bedminster over the weekend, but came back to Washington Sunday morning. He has previously made unexpected appearances at weddings, for example in 2017, when he went to a wedding reception along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the grand ballroom at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I said to the Prime Minister of Japan, I said, ‘C’mon Shinzo, let’s go over and say hello,'” Trump said to the crowd during that reception.

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A couple from Kalamazoo, Michigan, made quite a political statement with the theme of their recent nuptials. Their wedding hashtag? #MAGAPatriotWedding.

Bride Audra Johnson wore a plain white wedding gown for the ceremony, but then changed into a dress that really turned heads for her wedding photos. It was decorated with sparkly red lettering down the front, spelling out President Trump’s famous campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. The skirt of the fishtail dress simply said “TRUMP.”

While Johnson wore the red and white, her bridesmaids wore the blue. The bride told CBS News the Fourth of July wedding was originally just going to be patriotic-themed, until she reached out to dress designer Andre Soriano.

Soriano, a staunch Trump supporter, often sports a MAGA hat and creates red-white-and-blue garments, including “Make American Great Again” and “Trump 2020” dresses. Two artists wore Soriano’s creations to this year’s Grammy Awards — and then Johnson decided to wear one for her wedding.

Johnson and her friends traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with Soriano about the dress design. “It took four days of him doing measurements and putting the dress together,” Johnson told CBS News. “But it was amazing. Him and his husband are fabulous.”

Other wedding guests also wore patriotic gear. The groom, Jeff Johnson, is a Marine veteran who donned his dress uniform while holding a gun in some photos. In fact, several guests at the wedding posed with guns, including the bride herself. However, none of the guns were actually shot, Johnson said.

“Being a patriotic wedding, we really did encourage people to do whatever they felt comfortable with, if they wanted to open-carry, if they wanted to conceal-carry,” Johnson said.

Despite the “MAGA Patriot” theme, the wedding was inclusive, Johnson said. Her maid of honor was even a Democrat. “She said, ‘You know I love you, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing a MAGA hat,'” Johnson explained. “I said, ‘That’s fine, we can find you a plain red one to wear.’ We were able to compromise on that. We can believe differently but still very much love each other.”

Needless to say, photos of the MAGA wedding turned heads when the couple and other guests posted pictures on social media.

“It’s been absolutely crazy,” Johnson said. “Amazing patriots said they love the dress and support us. But then there’s the other side, where we’ve gotten threats, and there’s been really nasty comments.”

“A lot of the comments are ‘It’s a racist wedding.’ I’m the granddaughter of a Filipino immigrant, my husband’s black,” Johnson said. “I think what I want people to take from this is there’s a stereotype of Trump supporters flying around out there and maybe some of them are like that, but most of us aren’t like that.”


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