German police say around 50 teenagers tried to free one of their friends from a police precinct in Bavaria after he was detained at a high school graduation party following a drunken rampage.

A police station in the Bavarian town of Starnberg came under attack by a group of teenagers who were trying to break out one of their friends, German police said on Friday.

Previously, a security employee had called the police over rowdy behavior at a school graduation party. The officers at the scene found a 15-year-old who was “visibly under significant influence of alcohol” and “remained aggressive” in the presence of the patrol. He ignored police orders to leave the venue, prompting the officers to detain him.

The police transported him to the station, but a mob of around 50 students, presumably from the same celebration, soon reached the site and tried to force their way through the front door. Members of the group threw bottles at the station windows, breaking one window pane, police said. The students also attempted to remove the police shield from the door.

None of the attackers managed to enter the building. The officers called in “massive” reinforcements and managed to “initially freeze the situation and then calm it down” according to a police statement.

Three more people were temporarily detained after the incident. They are suspected of trying to free an inmate and committing property damage.


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