Carrie Jernigan, Bought All 1500 Pairs Of Shoes At A Closing Payless.

An Arkansas woman took advantage of the deals at a shoe store close-out sale, buying out the entire store.

But she doesn’t plan on keeping the 1,500 pairs of shoes.

Instead, her shopping spree will benefit the whole community.

Carrie Jernigan was at a Payless Shoes close-out sale when her daughter saw a pair she wanted to buy for a friend at school because she had noticed his were too small.

Not knowing what size her daughter’s friend wore, Jernigan jokingly asked how much it would cost to buy the rest of the shoes in the store.

The store has just received a new shipment, so what Jernigan thought was going to be 200 to 300 pairs of shoes, ended up being almost 1,500!

With the Jernigans planning to donate the shoes, word of the good deed spread.

The family has had so many people reach out wanting to donate that they’ve decided to throw a Back to School bash the weekend before classes begin.

“And one day we were at Payless and I know he likes Avengers, so I saw some Avengers shoes and I said, ‘Hey mom, can we get these shoes for one of my friends?'” said 4th grader, Harper Jernigan.

“I’m not going to be able to figure out his size because of the time of the year, and so, I just jokingly looked at the clerk — I said, ‘How much for the rest of the shoes in here?’ just joking!” said Carrie Jernigan.

“That’s what it’s all about,” said Carrie. “In the grand scheme of things in this country, this is a tiny blip, but if it continues to grow and it just, it makes you do one little thing for that student fixin’ to go back to school then it matters to that one kid.”


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