Vail Johnson only lived for nine years, but she had big dreams.

So the Texas girl’s family is making sure those dreams come true, even after her death.

In August 2016, Vail died unexpectedly in her sleep from a heart condition called myocarditis.

The day before she died, Vail told her mom and stepfather Chad and Susan Chance that her dream was to be an author when she grew up.

So Vail’s parents took all of the books she had written and were determined to get them published.

“We had all of her books, we decided that we were going to try to find an author and try to help re-write her books so that there could be proper spelling, proper punctuation, you know she was so young when she wrote them,” Susan told KXII.

Susan and Chad compiled four of Vial’s stories she had written over the years and got in touch with Atlanta author Ed Payne.

The team made sure to include Vial’s original writing and illustrations. The published book is called “Vail’s Tales.”

Vail’s parents also started the Friends of Vail Foundation in her honor to inspire learning within their community.

Proceeds from the book’s sales will go toward the foundation, which has provided thousands of dollars in scholarships for local students.

“One of our friends said that [Vail] did more in nine years than most people do in a lifetime,” Chad said. “I mean we heard so many stories of people she touched and had conversations with.”

Susan and Chad said Vail loved animals, playing softball and – of course – writing.


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