Apple Watch add sleep tracking Functionality (Details).

Sleep tracking, one of the most anticipated and requested features by Apple Watch users looks to be coming soon to the Apple Watch.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on sleep tracking functionality for the Apple Watch, which apparently will work on existing devices. This doesn’t come as a surprise since sleep tracking apps are available on the App Store for some time now, and some of them are really good at tracking sleep.

The report claims that the upcoming sleep tracking feature will have a dedicated Sleep app for the Apple Watch and it is internally codenamed as “Burrito” and dubbed “Time in Bed tracking.” The feature is said to even let users choose which Apple Watch to wear during bed time if they multiple ones.

Apple didn’t announce the sleep tracking functionality during the unveil of the watchOS 6 operating system, due for release later this month, but it is believed that at least the Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to support sleep tracking through existing sensors as no additional hardware should be required.

The new sleep tracking feature is said to track the sleep quality, including your movement, heart rate, and noises, and will come accompanied by a complication that you can add to your favorite watch face, as well as new reminders for charging your Apple Watch before going to bed.

Sleep tracking for Apple Watch expected to be announced next week
The report also says that the long-anticipated sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch will be announced by Apple as soon as next week during the September 10th event, where the Cupertino, California-based company is expected to unveil the 2019 iPhone lineup and probably Apple Watch Series 5.

Later this month, Apple will release the watchOS 6 operating system for Apple Watch devices, a major update that brings lots of highly requested features, including cycle tracking for women, hearing health innovations, App Store, a Calculator app, Activity Trends, enhanced Siri, and new watch faces.


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