Chanel Miller ‘Emily Doe’: Stanford sex assault victim reveals her identity.

Chanel Miller, the woman whose Stanford University sexual assault case caused a public outcry, is publishing a book, “Know My Name.” She has been known only by Emily Doe since her case made the headlines in 2016 when BuzzFeed published the statement she read at the sentencing hearing for Brock Turner, the Stanford student convicted of the assault, the New York Times reports. Turner, then 20, was found guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault, for which the maximum sentence was 14 years. Judge Aaron Persky, sentenced Turner to six months in jail, of which he served three. Persky’s ruling was criticized by many as too lenient, and he was recalled by voters last year.

Miller’s case preceded the #MeToo movement, but her statement and Turner’s sentence became part of the intense debates around rape, sexism and sexual misconduct. In addition to Persky’s recall, the first time California voters took such an action in more than 80 years, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill imposing mandatory minimum sentences in sexual assault cases. Miller started working on the book in early 2017. In writing it, she read pages of court documents and transcripts of witness testimonies she had not been allowed to hear during the trial.


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